I am inspired by the wild seashore - the boundary between land and sea - an elemental but complex world, full of differing scale, patterns and textures.

I want to capture the dynamic and sinuous shapes of crashing seas and shifting sands, as well as the contrasts of smooth mirrored pools and rough weathered rocks. I reference the beachcomber's treasure trove of my childhood, with its fragile flotsam and jetsam of ribbed and spiral shells, and flashes of coloured sea glass.

The random effects arising from the ceramic process itself inform my work. Reduction firing, raku firing, and the mixing of contrasting clays, add an unpredictable dimension and organic character to my work. My pieces are hand built, with a variety of contrasting surface treatments, which are further enhanced by the use of reactive slips, and celedon, crawl and raku glazes.